Sunday, April 1, 2007

Join Totally Free Crochet Patterns Blog Yahoo Group!

I have a Yahoo Group you can subscribe to for receiving notices when new posts are made here. You can sign up at

Please help me feel my efforts in scanning pictures, typing patterns and uploading them here are worthwhile! The more people subscribe to the Yahoo Group and the more I get notes from in my email, the more motivated I am to put up more patterns. (Okay, yes, I'm a people pleaser type.)

Do feel free to request certain types of patterns or even a specific pattern (I just might have it!). You can email me at I will read and consider all pattern requests, though you may not get an email back from me. You would rather have me using the time for digging for those patterns and putting them up, right?

I ran across a post on the Internet where someone had made a doily--from this site and they put a picture of it on the web--I was so tickled to have made that pattern available!

Let me know what you want. Afghan patterns, baby patterns, clothing patterns, thread or yarn, fast and easy, unusual?? Does anyone use thread finer than size 10? (My eyes give me the bejeezers if I go smaller and I get too frustrated, but if you want those patterns, I can sure type them up.)

Please remember that I can't provide patterns that are still under copyright. Which reminds me to ask--Do you like vintage patterns better or antique?

Thanks for your help in making this a desirable free crochet pattern site!

Keep on crocheting!