Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Child's Sweater (ribbed) - 1916 Pattern

1916 Child's Ribbed Sweater
Size 3 years or adjust for larger or smaller

These instructions are for a sweater for a child of three years. It is
a long coat sweater with a long but narrow shawl collar and turn-back
cuffs. A smaller or larger sweater can be made from the instructions
by adding or diminishing the umber of rows.

Materials require: For body of sweater 6 balls Princess Pearl Crochet
Cotton, size 3. For collar and cuffs: 1 ball contrasting color. 1 No.
3 bone hook.

Explanation of Terms Used:
ch = ch
dc = double crochet
* = where repetition begins

Instructions: This sweater is made in rib stitch. The rib stitch is
simply double crochet, but taking the back loop of each row of
stitches instead of the front loop, thus making "ribs." Two rows are
necessary to make a "rib."

Begin at the center front as follows: Ch 103; 54 dc; turn; 54 dc;
turn; 54 dc on preceding row of dc; 6 dc over ch; continue in same
way, taking 6 dc more over the ch to form the neck and shoulders,
until you have 102 dc. You should now have 18 rows or 9 ribs. Make 6
ribs of 102 dc for the shoulder, then cut down to 76 dc to allow for
armhole; make 4 ribs for under-arm; to give fullness at the bottom of
the garment, add 1 rib of 50 dc and 1 last rib of 30 dc.

Back: Ch 79 for 78 dc; make 2 ribs of 78 dc, the ch 25 for above the
armhole, on which make 24 dc and 78 dc over the preceding; 6 ribs of
102 dc for the shoulder, then 2 ribs of 101 dc to make neck; 6 ribs
100 dc for middle of back, then 2 ribs 101 dc; 6 ribs 102 dc; and 2
ribs 78 dc for under-arm.

Sleeve: Ch 43 for 42 dc (using 1 ch to turn) add 4 ch for 3dc at top
of sleeve; turn; then 45 dc; continue like this for 7 rows, always
adding 3 dc at top of sleeve. At 8th row, to give fullness at top of
sleeve, do not work on 20 dc at bottom of sleeve; at 10th row, work to
the bottom; at 12th row, you should have 60 dc; do not increase any
more; at 16th row, 35 dc only; at 24th row, 35 dc only. You now come
to the middle of the sleeve. Make second half similarly, reversing
order of instructions.

Collar: Ch 4 for 3 dc; 3 dc; increase 1 every 4th row until you have
17 dc. Make the required length and narrow to correspond with first

Cuffs: Ch 18; * make 17 dc; repeat from * until cuff is required
length. Use a seam to join sleeve, and also to join parts of garment.