Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oval Doily and Round Doily - 1925 Patterns

Oval Doily - Originally called "Cover for Asbestos Mat"

Round Doily - Originally called "Cover for Asbestos Mat"

Materials for Either the Oval or Round Doily: Crochet cotton No. 3 or No. 5 and crochet needle No. 5.

Explanation of Stitches:
p = picot: Formed on a ch by joining the last four sts (or any given number) into a ring by working a sl or a d in the fourth st from hook. In the directions, a sl is understood unless otherwise designated. In a few cases the picot is joined by a treble, in which case it is mentioned within the pattern directions.
d = double crochet: this is US single crochet
t = treble crochet: this is US double crochet
sl = slip stitch: Having a st on the needle, put hook through work; draw thread through work and loop on needle at same time.

Tina's Note: Likely you will not be making these to use as an asbestos mat cover, so work to desired size before border, then add border and stop, skipping the lining.

Round Doily or Mat:

Ch 5, join in a ring. 1st rnd: Ch 3, 15 t in ring, join with sl. 2nd rnd (of star stitch): Ch 3, draw loops through second ch st, through first ch st, through st where ch starts, through next t; this gives 5 loops on needle, thread through all 5 at once, ch 1 (this completes one star stitch), for second and following stars: * draw loops through the eye of star, through the loops at back of star, through the last t worked into, through the next t, making 5 loops, thread through all 5 at once, ch 1; repeat from * around. Make this second round quite tight. 3rd rnd: 3 t in the eye of every star, beginning the round with 3 ch and finishing with a sl st. 4th rnd: Like 2d, except make the start stitch rather loose and 6 loops instead of 5 loops, through 2 t instead of but 1. 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and all succeeding rounds of odd numbers: Like 3d round. 6th, 8th, 10th, etc., Like 4th round.

Alternate the star and treble rounds until the work is two rounds larger than the asbestos mat to be covered, ending with a treble round.

Border: Ch 5, sl between groups of t; repeat round. 2nd rnd: Sl to middle of 5 ch, * ch 1, over next 5 ch make (1 t, picot, 1 t, p, 1 t, p, 1 t, p 1 t) sl on middle of next 5 ch; repeat from *.

For the Lining: Work a round of double crochet at the back of the round of trebles that appears outside the mat, having laid the asbestos mat on to find this line; crochet into the back loop of stitches, join with sl. 2nd rnd: Ch 5, miss 3d, sl in next st; repeat from * around. 3d and 4th rounds: Like 2d. Run a cord through the last round and draw up tightly and tie after work is slipped over mat.

Oval Doily or Mat:

To make the oval mat, treble rounds and star stitch rounds are alternated, and the same border used as for the round mat. Having the asbestos mat of the size required, make a chain as long as the difference between the breadth and length of the mat, less 3 ch sts, turn.

1st round: 7 t in fourth st from needle, 1 t in each ch st, 8 t in last st of ch, working around the other side of the ch, 1 t in each ch st, join with sl. 2d round: Star st, with 5 loops around the ends of the work; with 6 loops (working into 2 t) along the sides. 3rd round: 3 t in each star eye around the ends of the work, 2 t in each eye along the sides. 4th round: Star st with 6 loops throughout. 5th round: Like 3d round. Alternate the 4th and 5th rounds to the required size.