Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Heirloom Petal and Picots Baby Bonnet - Free Crochet Pattern

Petals and Picots Heirloom Crochet Baby Bonnet
Picot and Petals Baby Bonnet - Free Crochet Pattern

Size 5 crochet cotton and size 7 steel crochet hook

Ch 7 and join to form a ring.

Row 2: 22 tr into ring, join.

Row 3: Ch 6, sk 1, 1 dc into 2nd, ch 2 and work 1 dc into 4th and continue in this manner, always skipping 1.

Row 4: Ch 15, sk 3 and work 12 dc into the long chain, fasten with sc on top of dc of 3rd Row. This forms a petal. Repeat around.

Row 5: Same as Row 4 except instead of fastening the 12 dc on top of the 3rd Row, fasten it into the space at the back of Row 3. Repeat around. After finishing the last petal, work back with a sl st on the first petal or 5th row until you reach the point.

Row 6. *Ch 5, 1 sc into point of next petal of Row 4. Ch 5, 1 sc into the point of petal of row 5. Repeat from *.

Row 7: Ch 3, 3 dc into chain of previous row, ch 3. Repeat in every space.

Row 8: Work 1 set of picots (ch 5, 1 sc in 2nd from start. Ch 6, 1 sc in 3rd, ch 1) and fasten with 1 sc into 1st space of previous row.

Row 9: Same as Row 8 except make shorter by leaving out 5 sets of picots at end of row. Turn.

Rows 10 - 16: Work same as for Row 9.

Row 17: Work as for Row 9 except in the back of the bonnet make only one picot instead of a set of picots. This will draw in the bonnet at the back for proper shaping.

Row 18: 1 dc, ch 3 for picot, 1 dc, ch 3 for picot, 1 dc (first scallop now made). Repeat around. Fasten off and attach ribbon for ties as desired. If you wish, fashion a small rosette ribbon bow and sew to the side of the bonnet as shown in the picture. Lovely!
There is also a pattern for matching booties to go with this adorable baby hat which will be posted next. Keep on crocheting!