Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wooden Handled Work Bag, Handbag or Purse - Free Crochet Pattern

Wooden Handled Knitting or Crochet Work Bag - Or a Great Purse!


Size 12 x 15 inches

MATERIAL: Dexter Boilproof Candlewick Yarn, Art.
285; 5 skeins 612 Lt. green, 4 skeins brown 618.
Crochet Hook No. 1. 1 Pr. 11 inch bag handles.

Using brown. ch 75.
lst row. 1 sc in 2nd st and in each of remaining sts on chain (74 a c) ch 1, turn. Work eleven rows in dark, make 1 sc in each sc of row below taking up one thread of stitch only.

13th row. Attach light green and work 16 rows same as brown, attach brown and work same as first stripe of brown. Fasten yarn. Fold piece in center and crochet sides together within 4 1/2 inches of top of bag. continuing around both edges using light green. For this joining at and edging, fasten yarn at one corner of folded bag, make 1 sc, 1 half dc in one sp, ch 1, 1 ac, 1 half dc in next space, repeat around.

Sew handles to bag using a large needle and light green yarn.